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The Buzz Box Story


Hi! I'm Myles, the 17-year-old founder + Chief Fun Officer (CFO) at

Buzz Box Fun Kits for Kids in Belleville, Ontario.

 I started Buzz Box Fun Kits for Kids during COVID-19 to provide fun, safe, home-based activity solutions for bored kids and busy parents. I began by serving families in my local area, and now my company ships Buzz Boxes across Canada and the U.S. 

Each Buzz Box is designed to spark creativity, fun and active play in kids aged 4-10.

Adults can view the full list of box contents on our web site before ordering.

That way, only the kids are surprised by what shows up on their doorstep!

Speaking of surprises, our Buzz Boxes are brimming with cool toys, crafts and positive vibes organized in a variety of fun themes. There’s something for everyone!

Activity kits come in a high-quality, ready-to-gift Buzz Boxes complete with colourful tissue and crinkle paper for added opening fun. 

We also offer 3-month Buzz Box subscriptions for a 20% discount and our new FUNVELOPES option. We think they make a great gift idea for any occasion.

Got a question? Reach out to us! We'd be happy to help find a Buzz Box or Funvelope

that meets the age and interests of the amazing kids in your life.

Thank you for supporting young entrepreneurs! 

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