"Be Your Own Superhero"

"Be Your Own Superhero"

Our "Be Your Own Superhero" Buzz Boxes are a SMASH-hit with kids! 


Each Buzz Box contains the following:  


1 15" superhero fabric backpack (styles vary)

1 pack of superhero playing cards 

1 superhero mask craft kit (styles vary)

1 paper superhero mask (colours vary)

1 plastic superhero bracelet (colours vary) 

1 superhero notepad

1 package Super Pebble Pops (popping candy) 

1 Create Your Own Comic Book (52 pages) 

1 superhero sticker (styles vary)

1 superhero hackey sack (styles vary)

1 caped superhero pencil 

1 super hero make-it-yourself hanging ornament (styles vary)


Parent supervision recommended for all small customers.


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