"Gingerbread Dreams"

"Gingerbread Dreams"

Catch them if you can! Our holiday “Gingerbread Dreams” Buzz Boxes are only available for a short time – ohhh, snap!


Each “Gingerbread Dreams” Buzz Box contains:


1 kid-size chef’s apron

1 gingerbread man craft kit (foam)

1 gingerbread shrink art kit with markers

1 gingerbread house sticker scene activity

1 paper gingerbread house craft           

1 gingerbread lollipop

1 wooden gingerbread colour-it-yourself keychain

1 gingerbread doorhanger craft kit (foam) 

2 gingerbread “Star Wars” themed stickers (love them!)

1 gingerbread stress toy

1 gingerbread bendable toy

1 gingerbread magic scratch activity

1 special surprise (tis the season!)


Please note: there is no actual gingerbread in this Buzz Box. 


Parent supervision recommended for all small customers.


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