"Happy Hikers"

"Happy Hikers"

Let's go hiking! Keeping active outdoors is a great way to stay mentally and physically healthy PLUS it's super-fun too!  


Each "Happy Hikers" Buzz Box contains: 


1 child hiker’s fabric backpack (styles vary)

1 hiker mini-frisbee (for fun in the woods!)

1 pack of three crayons

1 canvas pencil case (great for collecting forest treasures)

1 make-it-yourself canoe craft kit

1 bottle of camp bubbles

2 camp-inspired stickers 

1 add-water-and-watch-it-grow insect

2 spider tattoos

1 flattened bug bookmark

1 pencil with postcard

2 camp-inspired buttons

2 glow-in-the-dark mini insects

1 fling-it flower game  

1 butterfly glider  

1 hiker’s keychain (styles vary)

PLUS four surprise BONUS ITEMS!


Best-suited for ages 4-10.


Adult supervision recommended for all small customers.


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