"Ice Cream Fundae"

"Ice Cream Fundae"

Here's the scoop: kids are gonna melt for our NEW "Ice Cream Fundae" Buzz Box!  Turn any summer's day into a "fundae" with this super-cool kit of sweet surprises. Best-suited for kids aged 4-10.


Each "Ice Cream Fundae" Buzz Box contains:


1 plush ice cream cone toy

1 ice cream cone sand art bottle necklace (sand not included)

1 pair of ice cream glasses (paper)

1 ice cream cone wrapped lollipop

1 ice cream activity book

1 pack of 4 crayons

1 bottle of ice cream bubbles 

1 "You're So Sweet" imprinted bracelet with bestie charm

1 ice cream cone shooter toy

1 Sweet Treats laminated bookmark with satin tie (styles vary) 

2 ice cream erasers

2 ice cream tattoos 

1 colour-it-yourself Sweet Treats slap bracelet (markers work best) 

2 ice cream party latex balloons


Adult supervision recommended for all small customers. We offer shipping across Canada and the U.S. (regular shipping fees apply).


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